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How to Apply Sephora False Lashes

If you really want your eyes to pop, nothing beats sephora false lashes. But if you don’t know what you are doing it can be dangerous. Even if you do, it is still a tricky maneuver.

First, decide on which affect you want, a full volume lash or an accent at the corner. Strip lashes by Sephora make the whole lash fuller, and also increase eye size. Individual lashes add an accent. They can be added piece by piece until you achieve the look you want. They are great for when you want an extra spark while maintaining a natural look.

Let’s start with sephora strip lashes. They come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. A little goes a long way so choose a lightweight pair with alternating spaces of thick and thin, and short and long lengths. Opt for a medium to short length if you don’t want them tangling in your eyebrows. Buy glue that dries clear or dark, “Duo” or “Ardell” are good brands.

To apply, remove a strip and lay it across your lash to measure the width. It should match your lash bed and not extend beyond. Trim from the outside to the correct length.

Use your hand as a palette and put a dab of glue there. Let it sit for about 30 seconds. Hold the lash strip in tweezers and run the back lightly through the glue. You only need a thin bead. Let it set up for about one minute until the glue gets tacky.

Curl your lashes first, then raise your chin and look half way down. Gently lay the lash strip on the roots of your lashes, against the eyelid. Be sure to glue it to your lashes, not your eyelid. Use the opposite end of a tweezer to press gently from inside to outside with eye closed. Wait about 15 seconds then slowly open the eye, releasing any glue that may be sticking to the bottom lashes. Continuing to press the lashes down for 30 more seconds.

You may also cut the lash strip into three pieces. Start applying one piece to the outside corners. It may be all you need. You may want to go to two pieces for more drama. Try trimming the lash length gradually from inside to outside. You will need tiny scissors to cut one hair at a time, being careful to match the alternating lengths of lashes. When they gradually lengthen toward the outside corners, they give a lift to the corner of the eye. Would you like to get sephora false lashes? You can use sephora gift card to get it. Simply click here to get your sephora gift card balance and get false lashes with it. 

After the glue has dried and the lashes are secure, line the upper lash line to disguise any glue or unevenness. Use matte shadow and a moist brush. Apply the line wet and blend as it dries. Extend the line up and out toward the temple for an exotic cat eye. Apply mascara to connect your lashes to the strip lashes.
Individual lashes present their own set of challenges. They are much smaller and tend to flip around and end up upside down. You need a very steady hand.

Buy the medium to short length in black. Follow the same instructions for the glue. Place a dab in your hand and let it set up for a minute or so. Curl your lashes first. Take one lash cluster and dab the root in the glue. Let it dry for another 30 seconds or so and lay it on the outside of your lashes. Nestle it on top of a group of lashes and be sure it stays right side up.

Alternate eyes and gradually apply from outside to inside. Three clusters will give a nice lift to the eye, and still look natural. Be sure to let the glue dry before applying the next cluster. The slightest touch will knock them off before they are dry. You may want to trim the inner cluster to graduate the lengths if your own lashes are not as long.

To remove strip lashes, start at the outside corner. Lightly lift the strip and pull slowly toward the nose. Excess glue is easily removed with eye makeup remover. It is a rubbery texture and rolls off the skin. Clean the glue from the lash strip by pulling it off with your fingernails. Store lashes in their case to be used again. After two wears clean off the mascara as well. Avoid handling the strip by the lash. always use the plastic strip. Take care of your lashes and they may be reused many times.

To remove individual lashes, just pull gently on a cluster and it will release from your lashes. Pull off any excess glue and store in their case or discard. Individual lashes are harder to re-use, as they tend to clump.

Practice application when you are not in a hurry. The first few times can be frustrating, but keep at it and you will be a pro in no time.